Saturday, 3 March 2012

Database Maintenance and Wizard

When we thinking about the performance of the database and the execution speed of T-SQL statement we must think about the database maintenance.
When we think about database maintenance, we need some free hour without any workload to tune the database.
The next level is, what to maintained or tuned in the database so that the database performance is increased. So, we have to maintain such things like
1.    Check database integrity
2.    Shrink database
3.    Reorganize Index
4.    Rebuild Index
5.    Update Statistics
6.    Cleanup History
7.    Related to Backup etc.

So for that we need some complex T-SQL statements to run. Isn't it a tedious job? Particularly if we don't have enough idea related to it.

From SQL server 2005 Microsoft gives us some wizard like structure to perform these tasks and it is called "Maintenance Plan Wizard". It's really so easy that you have to know only "How you Start that" and I am sure that, a DBA can understand what the wizard wants to run successfully.

1.    Open the "Microsoft Management Studio"
2.    Go to the VIEW à Object Explorer
3.    From "MANAGEMENT" folder right click it and select "Maintenance Plan Wizard"
4.    Next just follow the instruction of the wizard

Here I am providing sole screen shot of it:







Posted by: MR. JOYDEEP DAS



  1. Why would you choose to shrink the database?

  2. First of all thanking you…
    This is only the demonstration