Thursday, 19 May 2011

[ APPS ] Way2Sms Desktop Version

Step 1: Create login OR Register in (
Step 2: Download and Extract the attach file (Way2sms.rar), you will find the "sms.exe" just run the same 
Step 3: Login with your User name & Password

Step 4: Click on for Add New Contact 

Step 5: Click on for get all saved Contacts

Step 6: DblClick on the Name or Number to send message

Step 4: Send Sms to any one without login in the web site.
Step 5: NJOY!!!!!!!!


  1. found dis very interesting.i wanted to learn the coding part.can you help??

  2. Source code email id is

  3. hi , its good work yaar . I jus want to know abt this :)

  4. I need this app with features like importing contacts , Edit our saved contacts List and ReLogin (If user want it ).Can you Plz ???
    and also i need source of this app too ..It'll help me a lot !!!